Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Natural Glow-Because I Am His

Natural Glow

Because I Am His

The other day I did something brave. Very brave. You see, I started wearing makeup when I was about five. Nothing too fancy. Just makeup like blush, eye shadow, and lip stick. As I got older, my makeup became more sophisticated. I searched the Internet for makeup tips, talked to professionals, and even went to a conference that addressed makeup application. My makeup “look” transformed as I got older. There is nothing wrong with wearing makeup as long as it is worn tactfully. Like the saying goes: “A little goes a long ways.” But the other day, I did something brave. I went against my behavior pattern that I had strung into myself since I was only five years old. I left the house to go shopping….. without wearing makeup.
Ladies, this was the next step for me. We all struggle with having a positive self-esteem. Some days you feel as though you are unstoppable. The next day you can’t decide what to wear because you just aren’t feeling gorgeous. What people don’t realize is that having a positive self-esteem is something that must be maintained. It is something that you have to continually keep up. I have gone years and years doing my best to maintain a positive self-esteem. The Lord has shown me each day that I am beautiful for one reason alone: He made me. If I stripped away every little bit of makeup; did absolutely nothing with my hair; took away my “good” clothes, what would God be left with? He would still have the most beautiful lady, all because He is my creator.
God challenged me to leave my beauty routine for a day on my shopping trip. He challenged me to put aside my insecurities and to love myself because He loves me. And ladies, I’ve never felt more radiant as I did leaving the house that afternoon.
I’m not challenging you to put your beauty rituals aside for a day. This was something that God put on my heart for my own walk with Him. What I am asking of you is to ponder this thought: You are beautiful exactly the way you are. That body part you would consider having plastic surgery on? God created that in His perfect image. That insecurity you have about yourself before leaving the house? Leave it at your door. God made every detail about you perfect and He wouldn’t have changed one thing. You are his priceless masterpiece, a work of art. You are perfect because you are His. Love yourself; He loves you.

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Heather Grace

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