Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Modest Dressing-When Does Modesty Cross a Line?

Modest Dressing

When Does Modesty Cross a Line?----

Why should we dress modestly?

It’s mostly for one reason: to help our brothers in the Lord. We wouldn’t want to hinder their walk with God by dressing inappropriately. When we dress immodestly, it makes it easy for guys to “fill in the blanks” or complete the picture in their heads. Obviously this does not aid in their walk with God. We dress modestly so that we don’t become stumbling blocks for them.
Why do a lot of women dress modestly?

I ask you this question because I see this time and time again in women and it breaks my heart, let alone our Father’s heart. I’ve seen countless women dress modestly in an attempt to cover their body because of shame. We tend to be a bit too self-critical of our bodies. In an attempt to cover these insecurities, many women dress modestly. They use the word “modesty” as an excuse to shield themselves from the fact that they are insecure about their bodies. The media puts unrealistic expectations of women in our face. We see photos of gorgeous women in the tabloids, the television, and in advertisements. Fact: the women are airbrushed, their bodies are adjusted via computer technology, and they too have insecurities about themselves. It doesn’t matter where you came from, where you live, what type of clothes you wear. What matters is this and this alone: God loves every single part of you and He created you for a purpose, especially designed and beautiful. Be confident in your skin and love your body, because your Father God does! He adores every freckle on your face and every curve of your body. You are His daughter and you are priceless to Him. In Luke 12:6-7 God tells you this, “Five sparrows are sold for just two pennies, but God doesn’t forget one of them. Even the hairs on your head are counted. So don’t be afraid! You are worth much more than many sparrows.”

Yes, it is important to dress modestly for the sake of our brothers in the Lord. But don’t dress modestly as an excuse to hide your insecurities. Embrace your body. The weather has now become more summer-like. Embrace your body and wear summery clothes. Now, I’m not talking short shorts because this would be an obvious distraction for our brothers in the Lord. Still, go ahead and wear modest clothing that keeps you cool. Wear your tank tops and skirts. Look cute in this summer weather! Just ensure that “cute” doesn’t cross the line to looking immodest or inappropriate. Love your body and dress it as the masterful work God created.

Here is a website to help you check out and see if your outfit is going to temp our brothers in Christ: http://www.therebelution.com/modestysurvey/

Heather Grace

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