Weekly Format

Dear JOY Blog readers,

Sorry it has been a while since JOY Blog’s monthly post. (I have started college classes and have been quite busy.) JOY Blog is changing its format to something a little simpler. I hope you will enjoy it. JOY Blog is switching to a weekly/bi-weekly blog. There will be a new post once a week, instead of all of the posts being posted at the beginning of the month. Each part of JOY, J-Jesus, O-Others, and Y-You, will be on somewhat of a rotating schedule. You may not see all the parts of JOY in one month, but you will see them. 

Here are the 3 parts of JOY Blog.

The JESUS part is dedicated to Him. It is to help girls of all ages to come to better knowledge of our Savior. There will be devotions and other ways to come to know Him better.  The overall purpose of this section is putting Jesus first in our lives.

The OTHERS part is about putting other people after Jesus and before yourself. It is to help girls to learn ways that they can serve others in their lives and reach out to people.

YOU is for you. In YOU, there will be fun activities, useful ideas, etc...

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