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August 2010

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In JESUS, this month you can learn some helpful tips on studying your Bible. Over the next few months we will look at different ways to study your Bible. This month is: How to study your Bible – Bible Memorization
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In OTHERS, our By Faith is on Brother Andrew --- Risking Everything for God’s Word.

In YOU, we have Fancy Footwork under “Modest Dressing”, Sparkling Summer Eyes under “Natural Glow”, and the 2nd part of the Love Trilogy; My Friend.

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How to study your Bible - Bible Memorization

How to study your Bible - Bible Memorization
JOY Blog put out a survey to see what you would like to see more of in JOY Blog. Two of the responses said that they would like to know how to study their Bible and ways to be consistent with your Bible reading. Over the next few months I am going to try and help you. I am going to give you different ways to study the Bible. I hope one of the ways will work for you.

The way that I have found that is the easiest way for me to study the Bible, yet what may be thought of as the hardest is memorization. I feel God has called me to memorize His word. Now there are different ways to memorize scripture. One way that a lot of people memorize verses is through memorizing a lot of random verses. This is a way to do it and we will talk about that later, but what I am suggesting is to memorize whole passages because this way you are able to understand it better.

The first passage that I memorized was Isaiah 6:1-8. These verses, about Isaiah’s commissioning, have helped to lead me as I have been trying to decide what to do in the future, with college and getting a job. Verse 8 says, “Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, ‘Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?’ And I said, ‘Here am I. Send me!’”. Now the Lord is teaching me how to be His messenger and how to say, “Here am I. Send me!”

The passage that I am working on now is the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7. This is something that I have probably read several times, but something I haven’t ever really thought that in depth on. Another thing that is interesting in memorizing whole passages is that you memorize things that you would otherwise never memorize. For example, in the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus talks about what murder is. If I hadn’t decided to memorize the whole sermon, I may not have thought about what Jesus is teaching us about that.

Okay, so now you are probably thinking, “Sure, she can do it, but can I?” And the answer is yes you can, too. Now I have only been doing this for part of the summer, but I have already memorized over 30 verses. The way I am doing it is by memorizing one verse a day. Write it down on an index card and carried it with you throughout the day, by the end of the day, you should have it down. If you are doing something long, put it in an index card holder/binder, then you will not lose it as easily.

So give it a try. Start with something like Psalm 1 or something that is short. Get a calendar and put down one verse a day until you are through. Go through the passage as you do this though because you may find some verses are really short and you could do two or some are long and your might need more time. Remember the calendar is simply a tool. Do not get overwhelmed if you do not stay on track. This is something I have found is working for me, but if it doesn’t for you that is fine. We will be talking about more ways to study your Bible in the next couple months.

If you would like more information email me at and I can try to answer any questions you may have or you can just comment below.

You can also check out this website: . This is the website of a lady that has memorized whole books of the Bible. She also has a great book to read on the subject and you find more information about her and her book on the website.

I hope you try it and find it as helpful as I do.

Add your comment here...August 2010

Add your comment here...

My favorite Bible verse is...

By Faith – Brother Andrew-- Risking Everything for God's Word

By Faith – Brother Andrew-- Risking Everything for God's Word

On May 11, 1928, a boy named Andrew was born in Holland. He was raised in a Christian home, but he wasn’t sure he liked it. He sneaked out of church as a child. As a young adult he joined the army to fight in WWII. All of the killing going on in the war hardened Andrew’s heart. He would shout to the enemy, “Shoot me if you can”. One day he was shot in his ankle and faced being crippled all his life.

While he was in the hospital recovering, he began to read his Bible, cover to cover. And he started going to church again. He finally realized that he needed to let go of his hard heart and give it over to the Lord. And from that day, his love for the Lord grew.

He then decided to go to seminary so he could become a missionary. He faced many trials through this time. But with God’s help he made it through.

His mission was to take Bibles into places where the Word of God was illegal and you were not allowed to take it into those places.

He has many stories like this one, but I am only going to tell you one this time. As he was coming up to one of the border check points to a country where Bibles were illegal, Brother Andrew started praying. His car was filled with Bible and tracts. He asked God to make the seeing eyes of the guards, blind. Each car in front of him was being totally unloaded and gone through. So he decided if he took a few of the Bibles out and put them in the front seat, maybe he wouldn’t lose them all. So he finally got up to the check point and he started to get out but the guard had his knee against the door holding it shut. The guard looked at Brother Andrew’s papers and his passport, then shoved them back at him and waved him on. Brother Andrew was stunned. He wasn’t sure what to do. Did the guard really mean for him to go on? He looked back at the guard through his rear view mirror and the guard was already going through the next car. Brother Andrew said, “My heart was racing. Not with the excitement of the crossing, but with the excitement of having caught such a spectacular glimpse of God at work!"

Brother Andrew had faith to take Bibles into countries where not many others had or even could. He had faith and trusted that God would be with him, to guide him and to protect him. He had faith that in the end, God’s will would be done.

Do you have the kind of faith to do something dangerous for God? Do you have the faith to provide God’s word to people even at the cost of your life? Would you take that chance?

Is God's Word important to you? Do you treasure it, love it, study it, memorize it? By faith, you can do all those things...

If you would like more information on Brother Andrew or on his organization, Open Doors USA, go to: or check your library for books written by Brother Andrew.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fancy Footwork

Modest Dressing
Fancy Footwork

I am spending some of my summer hours working in a little downtown bookstore. One afternoon, a lady walked into the store. She looked familiar, but I couldn’t place where I had seen her face before. Then, I saw her shoes. Aha! I never forget a face or a pair of shoes. I remembered where I had seen her before. We had previously had a lively conversation about shoes several weeks ago. She smiled at me then glanced at my feet (a classic behavioral move for any shoe-lover), “Those are cute too,” she nodded at my heels, “Last time we spoke, you had on a green pair. You must be a shoe girl.” “Yes, Ma’am!” I replied with a wink. I am most definitely a shoe girl.

Even if you are not a shoe-fanatic, you can appreciate a good pair of shoes. Each shoe personality is different. You might be a stiletto girl, a sandal girl, a boot girl, a tennis shoe girl, or a ballet flat girl. Whatever your shoe personality, your shoes can play a fashionable role in your wardrobe. A common mistake that most women make is the mentality that their shoes must match their outfit. Not necessarily true! While having a shoe design that matches the general flow and attitude of an outfit is important, the color, texture, and pattern of the shoe does not have to match. In fact, matching a totally different color shoe with a simplistically fashioned outfit can turn a “cute” outfit into a “chic” outfit.

In this outfit I’ve taken a delicate skirt and a simply tee and matched them with a flamboyant pair of wedges. The yellow in the shoes pull out the skirt and bring the whole outfit together.

Here I’ve taken a simplistic summer dress and added a pair of orange, forest green, and beige peep-toes. Note how the beige belt pulls out the beige in the shoes. Matching an accessory again will pull an outfit together.

This outfit is really fun. Because the sweater dress is a bit short, I added a pair of leggings. To give the basic black a bit of pizzazz, I matched it with stilettos that have a decorative, bright pattern.

This is a more work-oriented outfit. Wearing a basic black blouse and a professional skirt, this outfit was given a bit of life in the form of hunter green mary-janes.

Here is a nice, casual outfit. A tee, blue jeans and flats. The flats being worn are in a neutral color (brown), but have a playful, plaid pattern and are topped with a bow.

Another casual summer number! A lace tank-top has been layered with a light buttoned top. The gladiator sandals bring attention to the outfit while still keeping a casual summer look.
So go ahead, ladies! Buy those red heels or those yellow flats! You’ll be stepping out in style!

It’s not what you wear; it’s how you wear it.

The Love Trilogy: My Friend

Guy Talk

This month, we will be jumping into part two of the Love Trilogy: My Friend. Last month I shared about some of my personal experiences in the realms of love and relationships. I shared how God took my brokenness and loss of hope and ability to “fix myself” and mended me into a better person. He became “my Healer.” God takes on different forms for each of us in the course of our growing relationship with Him. To one He may be Provider; to another He may be Rescuer. To me, at that particular time in my life, He became my Healer. He reached beyond my understanding of Him and made Himself known to me in a real, touchable way. If you have not read the first part of this series, I encourage you to jump back a month and read what God has shared with me.

This month I want to focus on Jesus as my Friend. My Jesus is my Healer and my Friend. Growing up in the church, I had always known that God was with me. He was “always beside me.” I remember sitting in Sunday school listening and nodding my head vigorously in agreement with my teacher that Jesus loved me and was my friend. But I did not let this revelation wash over me until years later when I sat in bewilderment with how my life had, in a sense, vanished.

When I started college at the young age of 15, I was surrounded by my friends. I felt so blessed to find other teens that started college at a young age just like me. I felt a part of a community. I was needed and wanted. It wasn’t a group unless all of us were together; and that meant that I was wanted by my friends. I loved it. But who wouldn’t? We did everything together: studied, shared class experiences, volunteered, hung out… you name it, and we were all there together. The best group of friends you could ask for. Always together!

Before I knew it, the time had come for college transfers. Some of my friends in our little group had moved to different states. The rest of us got along the best we knew how. We tried to stick together and do everything that we used to do as a group, but it just wasn’t the same. With friends missing from our circle, the dynamics just weren’t what they used to be. Because of the in balance, some of my friends changed, some for the better and some for the worse. And worse yet, some of my friends didn’t change at all. They clung to “what was” and seemed nearly incapable of moving on. I changed too. I became caught up with work and my classes and I grew distant with the friends that I had once admired and felt close to. Soon enough, we didn’t hang out anymore, and I didn’t mind so much. I wasn’t making any new friends throughout this time either. I was so focused on my career and accomplishing goals that I didn’t notice that I was going about my life essentially by myself.

It wasn’t until one night that I was staying late at the college to study. I had found a quiet spot near a window on the third floor of one of the campus buildings that overlooked the yard below. I sat on the floor with my books in my lap and a pencil in my hand thinking. Where had all my friends gone? What had become of my social life? And the more I soaked in the realization that I didn’t have many friends anymore, the more I cracked open the door for the devil to torment my mind. I began to contemplate my life. Would anyone really notice if I disappeared? Would any of my friends from my close-knit circle from years past show up at my funeral? I was alone! Completely alone! Was it really worth the facade anymore? I could just as easily give up…not that anyone would really care…or even notice?

Caught up so much in these dark thoughts, I hadn’t even noticed the tears that were streaming down my face until they hit my blue jeans. I was really upset about my life and it all came bubbling out now. And, of course, I was alone in the midst of this realization.

“But I am here.”

I rolled my eyes and wiped my wet cheeks. “Yeah, I know you are here, God. You are always here,” I sobbed.

“I want to be your Friend. I have always wanted to be your Friend.
I am here. I am always here.
You are never alone.”

That was my breaking point. I leaned back against the wall I had sat beside and willingly let the tears dampen my face. “Yes, yes, I want that. I want You. I need You. You are all I have.”

It was in that moment of desperation that God became known to me as my Friend. I began to talk to Him throughout the day. Even stopping, taking a deep breath and thinking about Him would bring me to immediate peace. The King of the Universe wanted to be my Friend. He was always with me. I was never alone; nor would I ever be alone.

God continued (and still is continuing) to teach me how much of a Friend I have in Him. When I moved to England, I didn’t know anyone and I wasn’t sure where I would be living or how I would manage away from my loved ones. But the awareness that my Friend was going to pave my path brought peace. All I had to do was trust in my Friend. I never felt alone once in England.

I am not saying that I never get lonely. It is human of us to feel alone at times. But the thought of our Friend with us banishes loneliness. We never have to feel that we are without friends or that we are going about our lives solo. There is always someone there, watching us, loving us, listening to us, believing in us, and waiting for us to turn and notice Him. He is our Friend.

“….I will never leave you or forsake you….”
~Hebrews 13:5

“Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father. But even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not, therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.”
~Matthew 10: 29-31

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”
~Matthew 11:28-30

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*Sparkling* Summer Eyes

Natural Glow
*Sparkling* Summer Eyes

Looking for some spice to your summer look? Changing up your look in small ways can make a big difference in your overall appearance and your confidence. A slight change that you can make today is eye make-up. Let’s make your beautiful eyes stand out!

The trick to having gorgeous eyes is not over-doing the make-up. You have to walk a fine line between accentuating the eyes God has given you without looking like a clown. Select eye shadow colors that pull out your natural features. For example, if you are a brunette, shades of light pink and brown will pull out your hair color while pulling out the hue in your lips. If you are a blonde, shades of brown are an excellent choice. They bring notice to our eyes and highlight your hair.

The color of your eyes also, obviously, makes a difference in the choice of eye shadow you select. Try blending more neutral colors (light pinks, peach, brown, light grays) with shades that match or contrast your eyes (blues or greens). The trick is to blend the colors, not mix them. You can buy proper eye shadow brushes at Target for a decent price.

Many women like “smoky eyes” for a night out. I will show you how to create this look using the blending technique and the less-is-more technique.

 Proper tools are most helpful in the blending process. Here is a lash comb and two different brushes. The two brushes are different only in their brush size. The larger brush will help with the first few steps in blending (such as the initial color). The smaller brush helps in blending more subtle colors.

To begin, brush your lashes and brows with the lash comb.

Next, apply your mascara. Some women will suggest doing this step after you have applied your eye shadow. Either way works. For me, I prefer to apply my mascara first so that I can wash off any mascara that accidentally gets applied to my skin.

Now it’s time to apply the eye shadow. The JoyGirl posing for this article has blue/green eyes. I’ve selected the obvious colors needed for smoky eyes as well as some brown shades to pull out her natural features.

First I’ve applied a beige shadow to her upper lid as well as the inside corner of her eye. To open her eyes even more, I’ve sprinkled just a bit of this light shimmer just underneath her lower lashes. I’ve used the larger shadow brush for this step.
Using a bit darker brown shade, I’ve applied shadow gently to the center of her lid moving up and across the skin between her lid and brow. This was done again with the larger brush in a back and forth motion.

Now, comes the smoky colors. I applied a light grey in the middle to outer corner of her eye. Gradually blending that light grey into a dark grey, I made my way from the middle to outer corner of her eye to the very outer corner of her eye. Using your darkest hue for the outer corner of your eye makes your eyes really stand out. They go from noticeable to striking. The grays are applied using the smaller shadow brush.
Finally I apply the lighter grey shade to the middle to outer edge of the skin between her lid and brow. This is done very lightly. I then use a Q-tip to gently smooth out the colors.

Remember, the trick to having striking eyes is not over-doing the make-up. Accentuate the beautiful eyes God has given you! You are unmistakable beautiful and God’s perfect creation. With or without make-up, God finds you beautiful. If make-up is not your thing, that's OK, too. Some people just prefer the completely natural look. If you are using make-up, use it tastefully. If not, you can still appreciate what God has given you and be content. True beauty comes from within!

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