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By Faith – Brother Andrew-- Risking Everything for God's Word

By Faith – Brother Andrew-- Risking Everything for God's Word

On May 11, 1928, a boy named Andrew was born in Holland. He was raised in a Christian home, but he wasn’t sure he liked it. He sneaked out of church as a child. As a young adult he joined the army to fight in WWII. All of the killing going on in the war hardened Andrew’s heart. He would shout to the enemy, “Shoot me if you can”. One day he was shot in his ankle and faced being crippled all his life.

While he was in the hospital recovering, he began to read his Bible, cover to cover. And he started going to church again. He finally realized that he needed to let go of his hard heart and give it over to the Lord. And from that day, his love for the Lord grew.

He then decided to go to seminary so he could become a missionary. He faced many trials through this time. But with God’s help he made it through.

His mission was to take Bibles into places where the Word of God was illegal and you were not allowed to take it into those places.

He has many stories like this one, but I am only going to tell you one this time. As he was coming up to one of the border check points to a country where Bibles were illegal, Brother Andrew started praying. His car was filled with Bible and tracts. He asked God to make the seeing eyes of the guards, blind. Each car in front of him was being totally unloaded and gone through. So he decided if he took a few of the Bibles out and put them in the front seat, maybe he wouldn’t lose them all. So he finally got up to the check point and he started to get out but the guard had his knee against the door holding it shut. The guard looked at Brother Andrew’s papers and his passport, then shoved them back at him and waved him on. Brother Andrew was stunned. He wasn’t sure what to do. Did the guard really mean for him to go on? He looked back at the guard through his rear view mirror and the guard was already going through the next car. Brother Andrew said, “My heart was racing. Not with the excitement of the crossing, but with the excitement of having caught such a spectacular glimpse of God at work!"

Brother Andrew had faith to take Bibles into countries where not many others had or even could. He had faith and trusted that God would be with him, to guide him and to protect him. He had faith that in the end, God’s will would be done.

Do you have the kind of faith to do something dangerous for God? Do you have the faith to provide God’s word to people even at the cost of your life? Would you take that chance?

Is God's Word important to you? Do you treasure it, love it, study it, memorize it? By faith, you can do all those things...

If you would like more information on Brother Andrew or on his organization, Open Doors USA, go to: or check your library for books written by Brother Andrew.

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