Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April Fool's Day!

It is April 1st and you are looking for a new prank to play on someone, well look no farther, and try some of these:

~Doorway Balloons

Blow up 3 balloons and tie them off.
Wind all three tails of the balloons together, but do not tie them.
Seal the tails in the entryway of the door, by putting them in the top of the door when you shut it.
When somebody opens the door, the balloons will fall in front of them!

~ The tire is flat!

This one almost always works on my parents! You have to be really serious before you get in the car. And then say “Mom (or Dad), you better come look at this”. When they get there you say, “I think the tire is flat!”

~The Sink

All you need is a sink with a hose and a rubber band. Aim the hose at the where the person would stand when they turn on the faucet. Tie the rubber band on the handle of the hose. When the person turns on the sink…WATER will be all over them! (**make sure you don’t end up with the prank on you, don’t forget you did it! **)


Take a few coins and glue them to the cement on your driveway or sidewalk. When someone walks by, they will try to pick up the coins and they won’t be able to!

And don’t forget to end all of these pranks with…"APRIL FOOL’S DAY!!!"

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Happy April Fool’s Day!!! Have lots of laughs and be careful not to make anyone mad :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!
Have a green day!

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The Story Behind Saint Patrick

The Story Behind Saint Patrick

Saint Patrick is the patron of Ireland and Irish people, but he himself was not born Irish. Patrick probably grew up being called Patricius, the Latin version of his name. He was born in what is today England, which had been part of the Roman Empire. Christianity had reached those lands long before, possibly in the first generation after Christ. Ireland, on the other hand, had never been part of the Roman world, and so travel to it was more difficult. Very few missionaries had attempted to make the trip, and any who had done so had little success.

Patrick was an unlikely person to change that, but of course, Saint Paul was an unlikely person to be sent to preach to Greek cities. God uses who He will, in His own time and way, if people answer. In Patrick's case, the story started when he was captured by Irish raiders at age 16. He was sold as a slave and worked in Ireland as a shepherd for one of the many minor kings who ruled different parts of the island. Before his capture, Patrick said he was not sure he believed in God, and he did not think much of the clergy he had known as a child. But sitting on an Irish hillside watching sheep, he began to pray. Patrick, who started praying barely believing it would do any good, soon developed a personal relationship with Christ.

When Patrick finally returned to England, in about the year 407, he said he was able to escape his slavery only through Divine intervention - a vision that told him to go, passage on a ship, and miraculous provision of food are all part of the story. He initially returned home to his parents, but one night had a vision where the voice of the Irish called him to come back and share with them the relationship with Christ he had discovered. He then went to Gaul to study, and eventually, he received from the church the mission he believed God had called him to - missionary to the Irish. He was ordained a bishop and sent into Ireland.

Many stories are told about Saint Patrick. He is said to have lit the traditional Easter fire even though it was against the decree of a local Irish king, saying it was more important to honor Christ's resurrection. He wrote two letters which survive to this day, the better known of which is called simply the Confession of Patrick. One story tells that he drove the snakes out of Ireland. There were no literal snakes in Ireland, but he did drive out the worship of false gods. Another story tells that Patrick used the shamrock or three-leaf clover to explain the Trinity. While that particular example may or may not be true, Patrick must have been an amazing preacher and teacher. He converted and baptized thousands, established dozens of churches and monasteries, and trained other to lead the churches. The many Irish monks who followed his example were the first missionaries to many other peoples who had never heard the Gospel before. In the wars the ended the Roman Empire, much of early Christian civilization was destroyed. Ireland, untouched by those conflicts, was one of the few places in Europe where study of Scripture and the Church fathers continued, and missionaries following Patrick's example carried it back into the war-torn continent. In this way, the people Patrick trained and motivated saved Western civilization from dying off completely.

March 17th is celebrated as Saint Patrick's Day because it is the day he died, probably in the year 460, but possibly later. Patrick is said to be buried at Down Cathedral, Down County, Ireland. Patrick is honored as the Apostle to the Irish. Because he obeyed the mission God gave him, he was able to change Ireland from the land of raiders and slave traders, into the land known for centuries after as the island of saints and scholars.

By Matt Heffron

Fun things to do on St. Pat’s Day!

Fun things to do on St. Pat’s Day!

• When you are setting the table for supper, add a drip of green food coloring to each glass. Then when you pour drinks, it will magically turn green.
• Make spaghetti! When you are boiling the water add green food coloring and you have green spaghetti.
• Wear a green shirt!
• Put on green jewelry.
• Wear green socks.
Be creative and see how green you can be!

Facts about St. Patrick

Facts about St. Patrick

• At age 16, Saint Patrick was sold into slavery.
• Before that time he considered himself a pagan.
• During his captivity he grew closer to God.
• After 6 year he escaped.
• He then studied in a monastery and decided he wanted to lead people to Christ.
• He went to Ireland to be a missionary.
• He was arrested several times.
• He set up schools and churches.
• He was a missionary for 30 years.
• St. Patrick’s Day is the anniversary of Saint Patrick’s death.

Facts about St. Patrick's Day

Facts about St. Patrick’s Day

• St. Patrick’s Day is on March 17.
• In Ireland it is a national holiday.
• In Ireland people wear small bunches of shamrocks on the 17th.
• They also have parades.
• 34 million Americans have Irish ancestry.
• There is a legend that says the each leaf of the clover means something. The first is hope, second is faith, third is love, and fourth is for luck.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 2010

March 2010!

This month:
Jesus: Something to Live for

Others: St. Patrick-check back before March 17th!

You: Luck of the Irish?, With a Feather in your Hair, Is that Green on your Face?

Something to Live For

Something To Live For

“All good things must come to an end,” I heard as I listened to the radio. I am sure you have heard that saying before and so have I. They were talking about an event that they have been doing for about a year or so and now this is the last time.

For some reason, I reacted to this saying today. I thought to myself, “Why, why must they end?” Then it hit me. We live in a fallen world, a sinful place. The good things on this earth will come to an end. Family members die. Programs and things that we love cease to exist. But does that mean that there is nothing good in this world? No, it doesn’t mean that there is nothing to live for. It means we are looking for the good things in the wrong places because there is nothing perfect on this earth and nothing stays the same. Now this may seem depressing and it is, if you do not know the one Perfect One who does not change and will not fade away like the things of the world. His name is Jesus Christ. Hebrews 12:2 says that “…Jesus [is] the author and perfecter”. Hebrews 13:8 tells us that, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” What a promise! We have someone and something to live for. The someone is Jesus. The something is to do His work. He wants you. He wants you to love Him and He wants to love you in return. Run to Him. It is all about Him!

The rest of Hebrews 12:1-2 says, “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.

2-Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.”

By Mandy Heffron

With a Feather in Your Hair

Modest dressing

With a Feather in Your Hair

Listen up, Ladies! This is straight off of the London runways! Guess what the great new accessory that will be shining more brightly in the States is? Headbands! America is finally getting more unique headbands in its stores. This is the latest accessory to jazz up any outfit.

A fancy day out? Try to accessorize your look with a feather headband.

Going casual? Try on a headband with a bow! Or maybe one with an eccentric pattern!

If that’s not your style, find something more neutral and subtle. Whichever style fits you, there’s a headband with your name on it! Check them out on your next shopping day. And don’t forget, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to look amazing. Check your existing hair accessory drawer or fix up a headband that you don’t wear anymore. Be creative and have fun!

By Heather Engh

Luck of the Irish?

Guy talk
Luck of the Irish?

Recently, I made a little trip to Dublin, Ireland. Being part Irish, I really got into the shamrocks and “luck of the Irish.” It is now the month, if you are Irish…or if you pretend you are just for the holiday…to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

I may be part Irish and may have really enjoyed the “luck of the Irish” theme during my trip, but truly, I don’t believe in luck. Especially when it comes to men. I know that God has someone picked out just for me. If I trust God, listen to Him, and do what He calls me to do, the rest of my life will fall into place. Trust, trust, trust.

It’s letting go of that steering wheel and allowing Him to guide me. It’s a tricky thing though! Remember those “trust tests?” You know, the ones where you would catch your partner, who would fall backwards into your arms? I always did have a hard time with those “trust tests.” Trusting God to guide me and place that perfect guy in my life is a difficult thing to let go of. But once I let go, everything falls into place more marvelously than I could ever have planned. Best thing about trusting God? Unlike those “trust tests,” He will never let you fall. It’s not luck; it’s trust in our Abba.

By Heather Engh

Is That Green on Your Face?

Natural Glow
Is That Green on Your Face?

With St. Patrick’s Day creeping upon us, everything is green. The stores are green, the food is green, people wear green. This month, I have a challenge for you: I want you to wear green on your face.

We really should wear green on our face every day of the year! Not only is it safer for our delicate skin, but it helps the environment. Oh yes, I’m not talking about wearing green paint on your beautiful face. I’m talking about being “green,” ecologically friendly! Not only are you stunning, but you are always brilliant because you know how to wear makeup that does less damage to our planet.

Many local labels are taking the steps to make their products more green. My challenge for you is to go to your local cosmetic department and see what green makeup you can find. Make sure you read the backs of labels to make sure they really are green!

By Heather Engh