Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April Fool's Day!

It is April 1st and you are looking for a new prank to play on someone, well look no farther, and try some of these:

~Doorway Balloons

Blow up 3 balloons and tie them off.
Wind all three tails of the balloons together, but do not tie them.
Seal the tails in the entryway of the door, by putting them in the top of the door when you shut it.
When somebody opens the door, the balloons will fall in front of them!

~ The tire is flat!

This one almost always works on my parents! You have to be really serious before you get in the car. And then say “Mom (or Dad), you better come look at this”. When they get there you say, “I think the tire is flat!”

~The Sink

All you need is a sink with a hose and a rubber band. Aim the hose at the where the person would stand when they turn on the faucet. Tie the rubber band on the handle of the hose. When the person turns on the sink…WATER will be all over them! (**make sure you don’t end up with the prank on you, don’t forget you did it! **)


Take a few coins and glue them to the cement on your driveway or sidewalk. When someone walks by, they will try to pick up the coins and they won’t be able to!

And don’t forget to end all of these pranks with…"APRIL FOOL’S DAY!!!"

P.S. Check for some April Fool’s “things” on the JOY Blog!
Happy April Fool’s Day!!! Have lots of laughs and be careful not to make anyone mad :)

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