Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Is That Green on Your Face?

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Is That Green on Your Face?

With St. Patrick’s Day creeping upon us, everything is green. The stores are green, the food is green, people wear green. This month, I have a challenge for you: I want you to wear green on your face.

We really should wear green on our face every day of the year! Not only is it safer for our delicate skin, but it helps the environment. Oh yes, I’m not talking about wearing green paint on your beautiful face. I’m talking about being “green,” ecologically friendly! Not only are you stunning, but you are always brilliant because you know how to wear makeup that does less damage to our planet.

Many local labels are taking the steps to make their products more green. My challenge for you is to go to your local cosmetic department and see what green makeup you can find. Make sure you read the backs of labels to make sure they really are green!

By Heather Engh

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