Monday, November 7, 2011

Author Favorites – Websites

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Author Favorites – Websites

Rachel’s Favorites

Picnik has so many effects you can use to edit your digital pictures- for free! It can get addicting to play around with...

Homeschool Writers
Not just for homeschoolers. This website has a list of writing contests (that allow homeschoolers to enter) for each month and some that run all throughout the year.

American Sign Language Finger Spelling Practice
After talking a few sign language classes over the summer, my sisters and I found this great website to help us practice our fingerspelling (for when we got tired of practicing on each other). If you don't know the ASL alphabet, go here, or here if you want to learn more.

Sense and Sensibility Patterns
Okay, I haven't actually bought anything from here, but I love to look at the patterns and the pictures of what others have made on here.

Project Hopeful
I found this website recently and learned so much about HIV, AIDS, and orphans affected by them. Watch out or God may touch your heart like He did mine!

Mandy’s Favorites

College Plus!
College Plus! is an organization that helps you to earn a college degree “faster, for less, for sure”! It is a coaching program that helps you plan your degree and guides you through it in a Christian setting. For more information, click this link to fill out a free application:

Christian Book .com
I like to shop online and this is a bookstore I really like. Great resources with great prices!

This website says, The official definition of the 'rebelution' is "a teenage rebellion against the low expectations of an ungodly culture." 

Modesty Survey
This is something that is a part of the Rebelution. It is a survey that over 1,600 guys took telling us girls more about modesty. I find it very helpful!

Shabby Blogs
This website has a lot of fun “decorations” for your blog! Backgrounds, buttons, and more…

A few more:

Note from Mandy: I have many more websites that I like, there is just not enough room to post them all right now!!! These are some of the websites that I visit often…

What are your favorite websites? And why do you enjoy them???

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Give Thanks!

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Give Thanks!
With less than a month from Thanksgiving Day in the United States, I want to draw your attention the importance of it. The Bible talks constantly about giving thanks. We are called to be thankful, give thanks to our Father, to remember our blessings, and to share them with others.

In celebration of being thankful, I have chosen to do a countdown to Thanksgiving Day by giving thanks every day and I am sharing it with everyone!

On my personal blog, Musing Made by Mandy, I am sharing sometime I am giving thanks for each day, along with a Bible verse. I would encourage you to join in me on this countdown. Feel free to read what I am thankful for!

Ways you can share what you are thankful for:
Journaling (personal and with God)
Writing letters to people
Blogging about it
Writing it on Facebook
Tweeting it on twitter
Other social media
Telling a friend
Thanking our Father in Heaven!

Here is a preview of what I am doing…(a post from Musings Made by Mandy blog)

So yesterday marked one month until Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is on November 24 this year! I believe it is important to remember why we are thankful. My way of doing this, is writing down what I am thankful for. I find that when I remember all the blessings that God has given me, I have a much better day.

So for the next month, I will be sharing what I am giving thanks for.

Psalm 35:18
I will give you thanks in the great assembly; among throngs of people I will praise you.

For the next month, I am giving thanks to God and sharing it with you!!!

What are you thankful for???

For more on what I am thankful for, check out Musings!