Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Father’s Day Fun

Father’s Day Fun 

June includes Father’s Day. And now it is down to the wire and you are wondering what you are going to get your dad. Well remember when you were little and you made home-made presents? Well those are priceless gifts and meaning full. So here are some of those to help you remember and give you some tips for this year.

1. A hug-My dad would say this is the top one!
2. A homemade card
3. A coupon book-you still know how to make them!
4. A picture of yourself (and siblings…maybe in a frame) for his office or garage or car!
5. Index cards with Bible verses on them-always useful
6. A song played or song by you
7. An e-card-I like the silly ones(check out DaySpring e-cards)
8. Babysit your siblings to give both of your parents a night off
9. Spend the day as a family
10. Cook something or bake some cookies for him!
11. Have fun and be creative. A little bit of thought and a lot of caring and love goes a long way!

Mandy H.

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