Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Wardrobe Shuffle

Holly opened up her closet door. Groaning, she moved around the hanging clothes. “What to wear? What. To. Wear…,”she mumbled. Oh, indecisiveness. It should be a crime! All of those clothes and yet we still have trouble finding that perfect outfit! All too often, I find myself in Holly’s situation. Just pushing around the clothes hanging in my closet. Maybe trying on a couple of outfits (only to fling them across my bed in dismay and frustration).

Here is a tip for those wardrobe shuffle blues! Research has shown that our personality and mood are affected by color. Which makes sense. If you are around only grey colors for a substantial amount of time, you may start to feel gloomy, depressing, and grey! For me, my mood affects how I dress. Sometimes I feel very sassy and ready to take on the day: my outfit reflects that. Sometimes I feel quite down-to-earth: my outfit definitely shows that. And, dare I say it, sometimes I feel lazy! My outfit will reveal how lazy I am feeling!

To combine these two concepts (moods and colors) I organize my wardrobe according to color. For example, all of my blue clothes are in one part of my closet; all of my red clothes in another; my yellow clothes in another, etc. When I get dressed for that perfect outfit, I stop and think about my mood, then I just go to the colored clothing section in my closet that best fits how I am feeling! Easy as that! This saves time and frustration. No more wardrobe shuffling and more time enjoying the day God gave!

By Heather Engh

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