Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Must-Haves for Winter

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The Must-Haves for Winter
I’m all about trying new things. New types of clothes, accessories, and new make-up or hygiene applications. After searching high and low for a great top ten list for you, I’ve found it! Here are the must-haves for this winter!

10. Stockings
(These are great! You can get cheap, cute pairs of stockings at Target to mix and match great outfits)
9. Bigelow and Co. chap stick from Bath and Body Works
(Minty and shimmery, it’s good for your lips too!)
8. Listerine Whitening Mouthwash
This mouthwash not only kills germs, but it whitens your teeth with foaming action.
7. Suave hair products
Want to have amazing hair without spending a lot? Try Suave! Their products work amazingly well and are insanely cheap.
6. Ballet Flats
These look great with a pair of tights or jeans! They are a comfortable option for dressy, cute shoes.
5. Purses from Target
It’s always nice to have a cute handbag now and then. Best place to hit the sales? Try Target!
4. Vintage Jewelry
Vintage jewelry looks great with most outfits. Plus, you can adjust the look of the jewelry to your personal style, depending on your outfit. I’ve found that Maurices and Target have good sales. Otherwise, check to see if you have a mom, aunt, or grandmother that has unwanted jewelry. The jewelry styles of their eras are coming back!
3. Cardigans
Cardigans are a great way to layer and mix and match your outfits. They can create endless possibilities for your wardrobe.
2. Boots
Boots come in at number two on our list! There are tons of amazing boot styles out there. There is a boot that fits your unique personality and fashion style. I suggest checking out DSW and Payless.
1. Scarves
Oh, yes, Ladies! Coming in at number one is SCARVES!!! WOO HOO!!! I’m not talking your normal winter scarf. I’m talking cute, sassy scarves for your outfit! You can find scarves in lace, cotton, and most fabrics. I encourage you to find expressive scarves that show who you are as an individual! For these, it’s sometimes worth checking out the little boutiques downtown.

Hopefully this list helps guide your thinking during the snowy season!
By Heather Engh

Be wise. Be thrifty! Check your own closet to see what you have that you haven’t used in a while. Maybe your mom or your sister has something that will work for you! But don’t forget to ask their permission to use their things… Thrift stores or second hand stores may yield treasures you don’t expect, too!

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