Thursday, December 24, 2009

Is That a Sparkle In Your Eye?

Is That a Sparkle In Your Eye?

Tis the holiday season! A time for celebrating our King's birth; gathering with family and friends; wrapping Christmas gifts; and baking goodies. With all of the get-together's that approach during this time of the year, it's also time to freshen your natural beauty with some make-up tips!

The thing to remember is: a little goes a long ways! Use your make-up lightly and apply it in areas that will enhance your lovely features. Tip: If you have lightly colored eyelashes, pop your eye color with a light splash of mascara and a hint of eye shadow. Apply lip gloss to your lips to make them appear more prominent.

A little goes a long ways! And most importantly, wash your face daily to keep your skin looking fresh and the life of the party! Merry Christmas and embrace the beauty God gave you! You are His princess!
By Heather Engh

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