Wednesday, December 2, 2009


If you have any ideas or would like to part of this please let me know!!!


Heather said...

This idea is just fabulous! Another idea to support girls in your local area is through Campaign for Real Beauty (through Dove). I'm a huge supporter of self-esteem projects and mentoring. This a great opportunity to reach out to girls in a Christian, mentoring manner. Check out this website:
Through these websites, there is more information. It is definitely worth the time checking out.
Thank you for following God's voice and taking the time to create this website. Continue to stand on tip-toe to hear His voice!

Anonymous said...

Good work on getting started. Perhaps one idea would be periodic "Women of the Bible" entries, or other women from history who would be good examples for girls today.

Mandy Heffron said...

Thank you for your ideas!!! I would love to add more to the blog.
Anonymous, Do you have any women that you would like to see an article about?