Thursday, December 24, 2009

Giving Christmas Away

One way we can put others before ourselves this Christmas is by thinking of them first. We can do this by giving gifts to others. I am not only talking about giving gifts, but giving of yourself this Christmas. There is a Christmas song about this. It is called, Give This Christmas Away by Amy Grant & Matthew West. I also know a family that has decided not to give very many gifts to each other this year. Each child will only receive a few small things, but not much. Instead this family of 9 decided they had plenty and were going to give others this year. They bought a Christmas tree and ornaments for a family that won’t have otherwise been able to get one this year. This is one example of how you can put others first now at Christmas time and all year long. Maybe you can’t buy a Christmas tree, but you can do simple things like giving a smile to someone. One of the things that my family does is give Christmas cookies to all of our neighbors. This year my sister went Christmas caroling to some assisted living places and sang Christmas songs. Be creative and see how you can give yourself this Christmas! It may be the best gift you give and the best one someone receives.

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