Thursday, July 1, 2010

Modest Dressing- How Can I Tell What Is Modest?

Modest Dressing

Reader’s Question:
How Can I Tell What Is Modest?

An excellent question was asked by a reader last month that I’d like to discuss. This question couldn’t come at a better time. When the temperature goes up, we resort to cooler, more breathable clothing.
But how do we know when we have taken off too many layers? How can we know what is modest and what crosses the line?

Here is a good tip for distinguishing what is modest: stand in front of a mirror. Now ask yourself two questions:

• Would my outfit be pleasing to my Father God?
• Am I causing my brothers in the Lord to sin with this outfit?

After asking yourself these questions, consider what you are doing throughout the day. Some tops may be modest when you are looking at them straight on; however, when you bend over…. Oops! Your cute, modest top just became immodest. Think about what you will be doing throughout the day. If you are going to be working with little kids, which obviously involves a lot of bending over, it’s probably not a wise decision to wear modest cuts that turn immodest with a bending over movement. Does your outfit remain modest while you go about your day?

If you are still unsure if your outfit is modest, ask a trusted friend or family member. Keep note though, if an outfit has you in doubt, throw it out! On some level, we all know what is modest. It is just a matter of being honest with yourself.

Another helpful tip for finding modest outfits: bring a friend with you while shopping. Bringing a friend with that holds the same morals and values as you can be extraordinarily helpful. As the saying goes, “Iron sharpens iron.” You can both help and learn from each other by finding outfits that are cute and modest.

You can still be fashionable and have a style unique to match your personality. You are God’s precious daughter and He loves you more than you can fathom. Have fun dressing modestly; we are all in this together!

By Heather

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