Wednesday, December 1, 2010

YOU - Gift Wrapping

YOU - Gift Wrapping

Are you sick of using the same old wrapping paper for Christmas or you just want to try something new?
Here are some ideas for wrapping those fun gifts and ways to decorate them!

Wrapping Materials

1. Newspaper
 2. Comics (from the paper)
3. Fabric
 4. Wallpaper
5. Plain paper (decorated of course)
6. Tissue Paper
7. Maps
8. Paper shopping bags (Re-decorated)
9. Garbage Bags (With ribbon around the top)


1. Ribbons
2. Yarn
3. Leftover scraps of paper
4. Markers
5. Stickers
6. Stamps
7. Bows
8. An ornament
9. Cookie cutter
10. Pipe Cleaners

Wall Paper with scrap paper decoration
Fabric with fuzzy yarn

Newspaper with beads, stamps, stickers

Comics with ribbon

Tissue paper w/ yarn and pom-pom

White paper decorated
Scrap book paper w/ fuzzy yarn

Tissue paper and recycled card
Tissue Paper with Letters

Have some fun with these ideas! See what you can come up with!

If you like how they turn out, send us some pictures of your fun wrapped gifts and we may post them (with your permission). Send to:

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