Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November 2010

Dear Girls,

November is the beginning of the holiday season. Winter is teasing us as fall retreats into oblivion. Thanksgiving comes with food and festivity. Christmas is suddenly right around the corner...

There are so many things to talk about and do this month. One of the biggest things for JOY is what is going to go in YOU. We have a survey going on right now. The top three things people want to see in YOU so far are:

1. Uses for everyday items
2. Stories about girls
3. An Ask Grandma column

Some other ideas are book reviews, movie reviews, fun facts, history or Bible facts, useful crafts, and activities. What do you think? Tell us what you want to see in YOU. Go to the JOY contact page to subscribe for email updates, vote for your favorite ideas, and tell us what else you'd like to see.

Have a great time reading and Give Thanks this Thanksgiving!

JOY authors

P.S. One more thing, girls, this month, November is the first Anniversary for JOY Blog. One year ago JOY Blog was created! So…Happy First Anniversary JOY Blog!!!

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