Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Five uses for…Baking Soda

Five uses for…Baking Soda

1. Get rid of icky smells on your hands –If you cut up an onion or something left a bad smell on your hands, rub about 2 tsp. of baking soda on your hands to get rid of the smell.

2. Remove coffee or tea stains – Take a damp cloth and dip it in baking soda to create a paste. Then rub the paste on the stained cups or tea pots!

3. Clean up baby spit-up – For you babysitters or big sisters out there, the next time the baby spits-up on you, wipe it off your shirt, then take a damp cloth dipped in baking soda and rub it on the spot. It will not only take the stink away, but will keep it from staining your clothes!

4. Remove crayon from the wall.

5. Deodorize anything

Baking soda can polish, deodorize, and remove stains from all kinds of things. Try it out!


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