Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Wrinkle in Time-Natural Glow

Natural Glow
A Wrinkle In Time
Summer brings us the promise of sunshine, warmer weather, and a lighter wardrobe. Seems that once there is a glimmer of hope that summer could be in the air, people start wearing sandals and tank tops, taking bolder moves to hurry along the warm weather. All of a sudden, girls start taking a more keen interest in how their nails (especially toe nails!) are looking for sandal weather. I think the most hilarious part of an approaching summer is when girls start to say amongst themselves, “Now I have to shave my legs more often!”
Aaaah, yes, summer is a funny time for females. We take so much time and effort to look nice in the warmer weather. But summer is also the season when women let their guard down more easily. They allow their bodies to suffer from a harsh substance that slowly wears down their natural beauty. Yes, ladies, I am referring to (please cue the dramatic music)…ultraviolet rays!!!!!!
Alright, maybe it’s not all that dramatic, but tanning is a serious issue. Dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon as well as author of the book Face Value: The Truth About Beauty—and a Guilt-Free Guide to Finding It, Dr. Hema Sundaram shares this truth about tanning, “Sunlight contains different wavelengths of UV light. UVA rays penetrate deeper into your skin and cause tanning. UVB rays damage the more superficial skin layers and cause sunburn. Many tanning salons claim that indoor tanning is safe because you are exposed to more tanning UVA rays than burning UVB rays. Medical research disproves this claim. “ Not only is tanning the main cause for skin cancer, but it also causes wrinkles! (gasp!) Yes, ladies, wrinkles! Be nice to yourselves now and you’ll thank yourself later.
We still want that beautiful summer glow though. Your skin will still tan gradually if you use sunscreen. Ensure that you apply sunscreen thoroughly to areas that are prone to getting burnt by the sun: nose, cheekbones, forehead, shoulders, back, and arms. Drink lots of water. Spending time in the sun deprives our body of the water it needs. Want a more natural glow? Hydrate yourself with an extra bottle of water. You’ll feel healthier, look gorgeous, and save yourself a wrinkle later on.

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By Heather Engh