Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How Well Do You Know Your Mom?

How Well Do You Know Your Mom?

Here is a quiz to test your knowledge about your mom in honor of Mother’s Day!
For each statement that applies to you, give yourself a point. At the end, tally your score to see how much you know.

I know...
...my mom’s first name
...how to listen to her
...what not to buy her as a gift
...if she talks
...if she goes to church
...her middle name
...how to laugh and talk honestly with her
...what she likes to talk about
...if she really does love God
...her nicknames she had as a kid
...how to finish her sentences
...exactly what to get her for a present
...her favorite places
...if she prays for me
...her favorite color
...her favorite type of book
...her favorite food
...where she would go on vacation
...her favorite outfit to wear

How did you do?

0-7 points: You kind of know your mom
Hmm...You should work on getting to know your mom better. You could try going out on a “date” together and asking her questions. Maybe each day you could write her a quick note asking her something new like “What is your favorite flower?” or “If you were an animal, what would you be?” Also, having a journal to write back and forth to each other in is a good idea too.

8-15 points: You know your mom
Good job! You seem to know your mom pretty well. Keep learning about her and asking questions. If you have trouble figuring out what to give her for Mother’s Day, start by learning her favorite color, hobby, books, etc. Ask her what she might like (or if you think that is too obvious, ask what her favorite presents were in past years). If you still need help, ask your dad. He might have some ideas.

16-20 points: You really know your mom!
Wow! You know your mom inside and out! But just because you know her well doesn’t mean you should stop learning about her. She can be a great role model to you, so ask her opinion and advice on things. If this comes as a challenge, start small and pray that God will help you become more open with the mother he gave you.

By Rachel R.