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Author Favorites – Blogs

Author Favorites – Blogs

~Introducing Authors Favorites! This is where the authors will share their “favorites” of things. This will go under the YOU section of JOY. Hope you enjoy this new section! For more info on Author Favorites, read below!

Mandy’s Favorites

JOY Blog
Check out the "about" tab above for more info!

miss elaini ous’
This blog is about a young lady that wore the same dress for 100 days and she is raising money for orphans!

Caitlin Muir – Confessions of a 20something
In her own words, “...sometimes, the words just come out too quickly and I can't take them back. I'm a Christian, book reviewer, aspiring novelist, and singles columnist. Oh, and I'm adventure-prone. That sounds much more charming than accident-prone, doesn't it?”

Erynn Mangum (Author of great books)
An author that writes about her life…She is fun. She writes Young adult novels, very fun!

Cross and Cutlass (MaryLu Tyndall’s Blog)
A Christian author that writes pirate books!!!

Musings Made by Mandy (My blog!)
This blog is a place where I will write my thoughts, reflections on the day, and any other pondering or contemplating that I do!

Rachel’s Favorites

Just the Randall Crew
This is my mom's blog, which she keeps updated with some of the many things happening around our house...just in case you want to see what life is like for a family of 9.

I found this while reading their book with my mom. These godly women have a blog that is both funny and encouraging to read.

Look for other “Author Favorites” coming soon! Also comment to add your suggestions. 

What would you like to see Author Favorite -


Comment here with your ideas or email your idea to joyfilledgirls [@] hotmail [dot] com. 

*** Remember these are just personal opinions! Feel free to add your favorites on the subject!

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