Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Red, Hearts, and Food

YOU- Red, Hearts, and Food

In my family, we have lots of traditions, especially for holidays. And Valentine’s Day is no exception. We decorate the house with paper hearts and sometimes we even hide them and then see who can find the most. We also dress up. Sometimes we just wear the colors; red or pink, but sometimes, we even wear clothes with hearts on them. One year my mom made me and my two cousins matching dresses. They were the same style and the same print (hearts all over it). But each one was different, one had heart buttons on the front, one had a fabric heart on it and the oth­er one had three hearts on it. I loved those dresses!

So those are some of the ways that we go all out for holidays, but one of our favorite ways to go all out for holidays is with the FOOD!

1.      Heart shaped pizza - Form the pizza crust into a heart, add favorite toppings and you have yourself a Valentine’s Day Pizza!

2.      Red, heart-shaped jell-o – Either pour the jell-o into a heart shaped pan or use cookie cutters to cut finger jell-o with.

3.      Red spaghetti or pasta – Simply add red food coloring to the boiling water and the pasta will change color.

4.      Heart-shaped sandwiches -  Use store bought bread, the one with the 2 lumps on top, then cut the 2 bottom corners off and you get a heart.

5.      Heart-shaped cake – Either use a heart shaped pan or if you don’t have that, bake one round cake and one square cake. Cut the circle in half and then connect.

6.      Red drinks – when you are setting the table, put one drop of red food coloring in each cup. Then when their drink is poured, it will turn color

7.   We often make heart shaped sugar cookies to eat and to give away!

These are some of the things my family has done over the years. Have fun with these and post or email us your own ideas for fun Valentine’s Day food!

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