Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Add Your Comment Here - February 2011

JESUS - Add Your Comment Here - February 2011

I see God's love for me in/through...

This is the part where you help us. Finish the sentence above by "Adding Your Comment Here".

For Example:
...in the ways that He works. He had perfect timing and is perfect at opening and closing doors. I also see God's love for me in the people that help me out. My family, friends and other Christians who are there for me. I see it in an open door, a hug, or a prayer for me.
~Mandy H.


Miss(Engh) said...

In the affection of my family; in daily joys and blessings; in His undeserving grace and abundance regardless of what I've done; in His guidance in making life decisions; in the enveloping feeling of overwhelming love I feel whenever I think of Him.
Through the sweet caring of my friends and wonderful, Godly boyfriend; through the blessings of life (house, food, clothing, etc); through His tender whispers and His daily direction in His Word. Hallelujah and Amen! How blessed we are!

Rachel said...

...in the many little things of life. The times when I feel down and my favorite song comes on, the times I am confused and God provides people to talk to, the times I am worried or frustrated and then can feel "peace that transends all understanding".

Anonymous said...

I loved the article. It was very nice to hear someone these days that are really saving themselvs for their husbands. Thank you for taking the time to write this, mabye some day I will start a blog.

Mandy H said...

...in the people around me that care for me, love me and help me. I see God's love shine through them.
...I see His love in opening the right doors at the right time and closing certain doors, too.