Tuesday, April 6, 2010

European Flare

European Flare
Spring is here! And not a moment too soon! Hurray for light jackets, open-toed shoes, and those pretty spring clothes we long for over the winter months. It is now the time to pack away your winter clothes and switch out your closet for some lighter attire.

Don’t pack away all of your winter clothes just yet though, leave out some decorative scarves. Mix your summer tank-tops, shorts, capris, skirts, and dresses with a scarf for a more European look. Scarves continue to be the latest trend hitting Europe. And they aren’t just for the chilly seasons! Step out in style this spring with a touch of Europe by just adding a decorative scarf.

Spring Challenge: Can you find light scarves to accent your outfit?

*Remember, be creative! Your outfit is your art. Where can you find outfit accents at a reasonable rate? Leave us your ideas by adding a comment. We’d love to hear how you created your look for less!

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